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As an organization, Charity Brighouse aims to improve the youth community by enabling students to reach their full potential. We provide events and conferences that aim to target this obstacle. Charity Brighouse also focuses on making an impact on the lives of other individuals in our community, by providing them resources and funding through our community initiatives and fundraisers. 


Charity Brighouse strives to empower and support young leaders by providing them with the resources and opportunities to be able to connect, engage, and network with their community and peers, as well as develop necessary interpersonal, communication, and soft skills that can only be learned through experience and engagement. 


Charity Brighouse was founded in 2013 by a Richmond student named Dennis Wang. Being a young adult who had just moved to Richmond, Dennis spent a lot of his time at the local library, finding solace among the shelves and networking with other students. After realizing how special these connections were, he created his organization to help youth keep in touch with their community. He decided to call it Charity Brighouse, named after the location which sparked his idea.  Since 2013, Charity Brighouse has grown to encompass over five different branches across the Lower Mainland and touches the lives of youth from all over.

Our Milestones

First Branch Of Charity Brighouse Founded-Richmond

August 2013

Port Moody Branch Founded

September 2015

Incorporated as a Canadian Not-For-Profit Organization

October 2015

Burnaby Branch Founded

December 2015

Coquitlam and Vancouver Branches Founded

January 2016

Fourth Annual Youth Volunteerism Fair

April 2019