Charity Brighouse

Youth Advocating for Youth


Charity Brighouse is a student-led, federally registered non-profit organization founded in 2013. Based in Richmond with over five different branches throughout the Lower Mainland, Charity Brighouse extends to various communities in hopes of creating more opportunities for youth engagement through events and activities.


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The organization aspires to create a generation of inspired youth leaders who are engaged, passionate and involved within their community. We aim to motivate and support students through our events and initiatives to create a connected community of strong, passionate and driven young individuals.

“Many students need the support to follow their passions. Sometimes we need that extra push to do what we want. Charity Brighouse can be that extra support or little push” 

– Dennis Wang, Founder of Charity Brighouse


Throughout the year, Charity Brighouse hosts numerous events and initiatives geared towards youth in the community. Past events held by Charity Brighouse include the Youth Volunteerism Fair, Backpack Buddies, Youth Job Fair, and Christmas Dinner. We are committed to continuously creating new events and initiatives for the youth in our communities.




Charity Brighouse always works with the interest of youth in mind. We create opportunities for youth to grow while providing them with the support and resources that they need.


Our organization aims to empower youth by helping them develop skills that are built and gained from experience in various community settings. These include communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, as well as developing higher levels of self-confidence and self-awareness.


Through Charity Brighouse’s numerous events and initiatives, we hope to connect youth with their community as well as help them build a network of driven youth from diverse communities. We believe that when youth have support from like-minded individuals in their community, they will only be further empowered to pursue their passions.